EMLaw in the Netherlands represents high-end advocacy around innovation, distribution and competition, specialized and with a wide focus.

The scope of our work is not restricted to Intellectual Property law and Competition law, but we cover the entire field that is essential to innovation, distribution and competition. Enterprises want to optimize the output of their investments in products and services. Legislation offers excellent tools, but good control of the tools is essential for effectiveness of that legislation. And the same knowledge is necessary in the contact with or against the protection claims by partners and competitors. EMLaw is familiar with the application of the legislation in a lot of markets and in every phase, from the development of products and services to the exploitation of the rights that are involved.

We know our own strength , but we also know what other lawyers and counsellors can do better. Knowledge provides power, cooperation provides strength. EMLaw involves in the services highly qualified and appropriate lawyers and counsellors. Advocacy with awareness of the tension of cooperation and competition. Each conflict leads to advice. Advocacy with the strong belief that conflict management and advice belong together. Knowledge is no more and no less than the base of quality.

Founder of EMLaw is Eric Matser. He started his career as an attorney in 1992. As a corporate lawyer he gained a lot of experience at Poelmann van den Broek Advocaten before specializing in Intellectual Property law and building a team of specialists. In 2008 Eric switched to VDB Advocaten Notarissen to set up services on intellectual property and competition in the multidisciplinary alliance of VDB Advocaten Notarissen and HLB Witlox Van den Boomen. The decision in 2013 to start EMLaw is the sum of putting together the extensive experience of two different organizations. Eric advices and represents companies and other organizations of all sizes, on major and minor interests.

In the Netherlands Bar’s register of legal practice areas, Eric has registered the principal legal practice areas Corporate law and Intellectual Property law to which registration permanent education obligations apply.